Anna Kendrick Writes a new book Scrappy Little Nobody

Anna Kendrick is a famous actress who has played part in interesting movies like “Up in the Air”, “Twilight Saga” among others. In fact, Anna Kendrick has spent the better part of her life entertaining people. This gives “The accountant star” massive exposure to life in the spotlight. After all the entertainment Anna has offered her fans, she is now ready to tell the whole world about her life.

Anna talks about everything from sex life, her co-actors, handling reporters and interestingly she gives insight into her future plans. She talks about her perception with regard to having kids. Actually, she has released the book and is available for purchase.

However, before her fans and the general public could purchase this book, Anna Kendrick gives an exclusive interview to the E! News, regarding how she expects her fans as well as the general public to act in response to the “tell-all book.” Anna assures the public that there are fascinating stories regarding her life embarrassments that will keep them laughing all along.

Some of her co-stars that the celebrity talks about in her book are; Zac Efron, Orlando Bloom, Chris Pine, Aubrey plaza, and Ben Affleck, In fact, Anna Kendrick compares Zac Efron to Charles Manson. During her interview with E! New she had this to say regarding her interests in Charles Manson. “I am morbidly interested in Charles Manson,” she said. “I have at all times wondered what was so charismatic about Charles. Then I met with Zac and I was like, Oh, there it is.’”

Read about Anna Kendrick’s life as well as her fame trails all in “Scrappy Little Nobody”, which has already been released.

Cara Delevingne news

In the wake of rumors that she won’t be attending an upcoming Victoria’s Secret event because she’s gained weight, English supermodel Cara Delevigne took to her Instagram account to set the record straight.

The British tabloid “The Sun” had reported that Delevigne had not been invited to participate in the lingerie line’s annual winter event because she had packed on the pounds. Livid, Devigne lashed out at the Sun and published an open letter in which the fashion show’s main producer Edward Razek claimed that this was simply not the case.

As part of her online missive aimed at the Sun ‘s editorial staff, Delevigne wrote that she thought it was “shameful” that a newspaper had to resort to gossiping about women’s bodies in order to sell papers and generate clicks.

At any rate, if it is the case that Delevigne’s now tipping the scales a little more than she used to it is perfectly understandable. She’s coming off a breakup with singer St. Vincent, who’s been gracing the tabloid columns herself in pictures in the company of her new lover and actress Kristen Stewart.


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